Monday, January 21, 2013


So, I haven't posted in a while. This is not just because I'm lazy (though that is part of it). I've been dealing with depression that slowly became more and more debilitating, until it was finally diagnosed as the psychological manifestation of Lyme disease. As treatment, I had a tube stuck in my arm for a month so I could shoot antibiotics directly into my veins every day (yay PICC line!). But now that's all done and over with, I can go back to being my usual crazy self, rather than the weirdly emotional and depressed former self.

So, what have I been up to? All sorts of fun stuff. I just bottled three different beers, and I can't wait to crack them open.
From left to right:
Soulless Stout: A malty stout I've made before. Forgot to take an OG reading this time, so I'm not sure of the alcohol. Also, I bottled it at 1.020, so I might have a few bottle bombs on my hands.
Mt. Hood SMaSH Lager: The name says it all. A pale lager made with 2-row barley and Mt. Hood hops. It's like a long-lost, forgotten beer to me. I left it in the basement and forgot about it for a few months.
? IPA: It literally is a question. I have no written record ANYWHERE of what this actually is. I think it's an IPA I made back in November, but I'm not really sure.

I was also looking back at some other posts on my blog, and I came across the post about my Brewing Project List. So I decided to see what I've taken care of, and what still might happen in the future.
 - SMaSH Lagers. Done. See above.
 -  Free Beer. Not yet.
 - Courthouse Ale. Never got around to making more. I still might, but I have other beers I want to do first.
 - Soulless Stout. Done. See above (though I haven't used it for any variations yet).
 - A proper IPA. Done. More than once, if the ? IPA turns out to be an IPA.
 - A proper Dopplebock. Not yet.
 - Meade. Haven't made any more yet.
 - Hard Cider. Made some, and have more fermenting,
 - Sake. Soon. I'm ordering ingredients for it this week.
 - Pumpkin Ales. Done. One was tasty, one had to be tossed.
 - Gruit Ales. Not yet.
 - Gluten Free Beer. Not yet.

Overall, I'd say I hit quite a bit of the list, considering I didn't really consult it after I made it. There are still things to keep me busy on it, but I'm actually shelving all of this for a new brewing plan. I'll post more about that in the near-ish future.